Here’s a picture of today’s solar eclipse from the vantage of St. Louis. As Sky Sisters, we would be remiss to not mention this AMAZING sky event, right?!

While today’s event had nothing to do with our minuscule selves in this gigantic galaxy (outside of the fact that we could sit back and enjoy it), we all *critically* need to have a baseline understanding of science, and perhaps even more than baseline. Many of us have not continued on with our science studies past bare minimum K-12 requirements — which in some cases, like mine, was decades ago. Even then, studies weren’t honed onto the scientific impacts of our human choices throughout life as they affect our planet. There should be either a unit in Home Economics or a whole class dedicated to “Environmental Economics” going forward as our personal and societal habits are the new “street smarts” that future generations are going to need.

A Sustainability Revolution has begun in our world and we need to achieve the transition as soon as possible. It’s unfortunate that we have waited until the eleventh hour to work towards this, but here we are. Better late (as in NOW), than never.

The book Drawdown: The Most Comprehensive Plan Ever Proposed to Reverse Global Warming by Paul Hawken gives us a detailed look at what we will have to get done at this late stage in the game. It’s exciting and thrilling to learn that three areas for action that will assist in addressing global warming specifically have to do with women and girls. As The Sky Sisters develops, we will be delving into these solutions to see how we may play a role. Be sure to check out the interactive Drawdown website, and of course, order the Drawdown book.

Click through to details on each of these solutions below:

Educating Girls

Family Planning

Women Smallholders

Humans are remarkable in their capacity to learn and advance and (eventually) do the right thing. These capabilities and the contents of this book are what keep me hopeful. The environmental cause has risen like that temporarily eclipsed sun of today in these strange political times, so clearly, things work in mysterious ways. As far as human ingenuity goes, I hope that we can all channel our energies towards what will have the greatest outcome. Rather than trying to trick the planet into functioning with such-and-such chemistry experiment in the atmosphere or fabricating through engineering some cockamamie scheme to replicate what this planet does automatically to create our baseline environment, we now have a detailed guide as to the biggest impacts readily available to us. This book should greatly assist our floundering species in figuring out how we can all work to incorporate solutions into our lives as we move forward.

And if that isn’t enough, keep an eye out for an offering coming soon from the Pachamama Alliance. They are currently building out a program to assist individuals in committing themselves to Hawken’s Drawdown solutions. The offering should be available this fall, so sign up for notifications from this amazing nonprofit now. You can even express your interest in participating in the Pachamama Drawdown course now.

These are critical decades in the timeline of human history. You can and should direct yourself, your children and your grandchildren towards the transition to a new energy future. If we do, hopefully, our offspring will be around to witness the next astronomical delight that some of us witnessed today. —jL

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  1. Cynthia Linton says:

    I have “Drawdown.” Need to put it on my priorities list. Signed up to stay informed about the Pachamama course.

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