When Art Meets Sustainability

Monica Brinkman (above right) is not your typical environmental activist. Born in Ontario, Canada, Monica is a mosaic artist that grew up in Beaconsfield near Montréal. Her work is at the intersection of art and craft using a variety of materials, colors and textures. Through stained glass, ceramic tiles, porcelain or simple buttons, Monica conveys powerful messages of justice, peace, solidarity and community. She believes in...Read More

Journey to a plant-based diet

A septuagenarian’s long, slow journey to a plant-based diet I grew up on dinners of meat and potatoes with some vegetables on the side followed by sweet desserts. This was par for the course in the '40s and '50s. It wasn’t till 1992 that the USDA developed the food pyramid, and later than that when we all became aware of what was called a “heart healthy”...Read More