My Electric Car Arrives

I’ve gone through a time warp and I’ve left you all behind. And nothing can ever be the same. It’s as if light streaks beamed me far into the future and the world is a different place. I have to say, it’s a bit surreal. Because now I’m tooling around town seeing things in a whole new way. It’s electric, my car, and her name is...Read More

When Art Meets Sustainability

Monica Brinkman (above right) is not your typical environmental activist. Born in Ontario, Canada, Monica is a mosaic artist that grew up in Beaconsfield near Montréal. Her work is at the intersection of art and craft using a variety of materials, colors and textures. Through stained glass, ceramic tiles, porcelain or simple buttons, Monica conveys powerful messages of justice, peace, solidarity and community. She believes in...Read More

Weather or Not

Last November, on a frigid, wet morning, when the weather began to dip into uncomfortably cold temperatures, I walked into work followed by a co-worker known for his sarcastic remarks. Upon stepping indoors, he unzipped his jacket and proclaimed “I can’t wait to talk about the weather today! Did you see the weather? The weather is the weather!” I immediately buckled over in laughter, mostly because...Read More