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jL -

Your speaking of helping people wake up to our purpose as humans at this time on our planet and reaching a sort of enlightenment has me thinking about the book “The New Earth” by Eckhart Tolle, which I read around the time that I had my own wake-up call to environmentalism.

Tolle is all about the present moment, and his writing has an amazing power to make you aware of the dysfunctional patterns of the mind that cause us to dwell on the past, be blinded by ego, and feel anxiety for the future. He is all about living with all energy and attention in the now. His book, which I picked off my stepmom’s shelf, who has opened the door to most of my spiritual interests, left me fascinated and inspired by the possibility of shifting to a new consciousness and living in a peaceful, enlightened world.

The ego, he says, is obsessed with gaining more, more, more, and is never satisfied. More money, more power, more things. Apply this to the current state of overconsumption, and I think you could say our developed world has a major ego complex.  

Interestingly, books have always been my alarm clock. During my junior year of high school, while sitting in my school’s library with my head down, feeling uninspired by my school work and ready to take a nap, a thick, green-spined book grabbed my attention and woke me up from my boredom. The book, Greenpeace: How a Group of Ecologists, Journalists, and Visionaries Changed the World, lit my brain up with the original Greenpeace Warriors’ stories of courage and passion for their work. Even though I didn’t have an awareness of climate change at that time, working to protect our planet suddenly seemed like common sense, and I felt like a lightening bolt hit me with a sense of purpose.

There’s a point to all of this, I swear. P.S. - I hope you’re ready for lots of rambling banter.

I used to think that the Now was all that really mattered like Eckhart Tolle says. And I still do believe that the present moment is all that exists and that it is crucial to live in it. However, the current state of our world requires that we get out of our Now bubble and have the courage to look to the future and plan wisely. I think that “Now” obsession, without thought of the repercussions of our actions, is totally linked to our throwaway culture.

SO I’m thinking about this question - what does it mean to live an enlightened life? Because I think we both agree that a new consciousness is needed to move into a sustainable future. And the values of interconnectedness, compassion, love, non-violence, and stewardship are central to all spiritual and religious philosophies, from the Ancient Vedas to Christianity. Working to heal the environment seems inherently spiritual.

Living in the Now might be necessary for inner peace, but the future has a place. Intentionally planning for the future with a mind in the present is so necessary - we need to be able to see how we got to where we are and where we are going to live in a conscious way now.


- Lu


Well Lu,

Here we are, starting our blog, looking to capture some of the banter that we exchange whenever our busy lives allow us to pause (again) and consider the big picture that we are so passionate about.

We met on Monday, September 28, 2015, in Miami, FL, a couple of gals from Illinois within a room of nearly 800, both with wide eyes looking to delve into a complex issue — because we are the empathetic kind. We're the kind that wants to make a difference, the kind that refuses to look away just because something is hard, ugly and difficult.

And here we are 21 months later, more knowledgeable and bright-eyed than ever, ready to start a new chapter in our attempt at unknotting the world's 200-year-old habits from our hopeful future.

We know that these are issues that span many generations, that the wrong path being followed was only discovered as such in our lifetime. We know that within your generation's life span, Lu, — the millennials — we must get ourselves on a new path.

We're not only willing, we're wanting to give everything that we can of ourselves — anything that will make a difference — to help even a single soul reach the enlightenment of the task at hand and join us on our journey of dealing, healing and yet making the most of the wonders of what living a life on this amazing planet has to offer.

To that end, I think we agree that we hope to build a space here where we can embrace all the gifts and joys of life while still moving towards a sustainable future which won't be reached without a sh*t ton of rethinking, reconsidering and reprioritizing. We will rethink every notion that has ever been taught or ingrained in us because we have reached a paradigm shift in which everything we thought we know now exists in a new space, on a new platform with different footing.

Since we don't exactly know where to put our feet and because we are reconsidering our human footprint, we will take it to the sky where we can get the big picture and fly with the life-giving energy of the sun and the cool breeze which may carry us to the very place that will save us.