Eyes-Wide Women

We are women — daughters, sisters, mothers, aunts, and grandmothers — who are achievers, entrepreneurs, leaders, visionaries, waterkeepers, + defenders of priceless things. We take the long look at life — even beyond our personal lifetime.

Independent Souls

We look inward and ask deep questions. We look beyond face value, avoid autopilot and seek worthy tracks. We connect to our spirited souls and the spirit of this place we call home of great benefit to ourselves and the world.

United with Nature

Women are capable of awakening humanity to the climate crisis, capable of bridging modernity back to our roots. Mother Earth continues her cycles, and we seek to stay along on the journey. We must be the voice of our mother.


Truth in 10

Watch this video of former Vice President and Nobel Peace Prize Winner Al Gore presenting his downloadable slideshow here. And if that's not enough, consider joining the Climate Reality Leadership Corps by attending a three-day intensive training to get you fully up to speed.



We encourage you to watch this entire video clip on Project Drawdown, but listen in around 9:30 to hear author and activist Paul Hawken call out women in this imperative initiative.



The goals — needs! — for our world have been clarified and are clearly presented to us in the United Nations' Global Goals. What can we do to make the world a better place while we are here?


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